Hotmail vs Outlook

There are many benefits that come with using the internet; one of those great benefits is the ability to communicate with your friends and family through email. There are many email service providers out there in the market, Hotmail being one of the leading service providers in the world. Hotmail is an email service that is owned by Microsoft. Hotmail was officially launched in 1996 by Bhatia and Smith but was later bought by Microsoft in 1997. Since then the email provider has managed to stay on top of their competitors boasting of approximately 324 million users. However, in the recent past Hotmail has been experiencing some serious competition from its competitors especially the Google powered email service Gmail. It is for this reason that Microsoft decided to rebrand the site to a more convenient service provider, hence was launched.

outlook vs hotmail

Many people tend to confuse the two but Microsoft only rebranded the site and introduced some new features that make easy to use. There are many similarities and also differences between the two sites and so it is important that you get to know the features that both of them have.

Rebranding Hotmail to is one of the best decisions that Microsoft has ever done since they took charge of the service provider. This is because the name outlook is mostly familiar with the corporates who use Microsoft applications which makes the site more convenient for business.

The new look of is captivating because the site is uncluttered and it gives you an opportunity to read advertisement that appear when you open your email account.  The new service provider is an improvement of Hotmail no doubt, with great features that link your email account to your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. This allows you to Read More…

How to Register on the Gmail mail

Hello friends! In this new article will teach you how to register with gmail. Share with you my experience of how I decided to log into Gmail and what were the steps I took to create me a new account, in addition to reading a little about the great benefits of this platform free email called Gmail.

google mail

A few weeks ago I was a faithful follower of platform, which now became I liked your Hotmail interface clean and comfortable, but that was because I still did not know gmail. A friend told me that gmail is having more market acceptance for its great functions and features, and I give a little idea of ​​testing. I decided to create a new account, but did not know how to do and asks me How do I sign in gmail? So I did some research on Google and reach the official site to find Note a site friendly and inspired confidence, super cool. So I decided to create a new account.

Being on page must go to the upper right corner and click on the “Create New Account”. Then load a new page containing a simple form and should begin to fill it. The data were asking me my personal details like name, Read More…

Learn a little about gmail email and learn to sign in login since its inception has been widely accepted by the users of the network and therefore has had to make many changes to its interface, all to meet the needs of users and improve their experiences. In this article I teach new record in gmail, but first let’s talk about some improvements that have taken place in recent years with the Gmail service.


Display density

This option lets you choose from three viewing options our inbox or whole gmail interface, with: comfortable, cozy or compact.

Totally clean interface

The other thing that has come polished gmail is its interface. Now it looks cleaner and gives us a nice Read More…