Advantages of email gmail and how to create a new account

Many friends, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances and other users on the network, have asked me because I use gmail, the free email service from Google. The truth is there are many reasons why I chose to be faithful to this email service.

Mail gmail is considered the best of all free email on the net and many are wondering what are the benefits or advantages. In this new article will try to tell a little about the advantages and benefits that this email service and if you choose the last item Create new account then I will write a short article-tutorial so you can get in a very easy that complicate life.

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The benefits and advantages of email gmail

Everything happens in real time: One of the biggest advantages I have noticed in gmail, is the way in which users have to navigate through its interface. When it is said that everything happens in real time, we mean that we have no need to close the page or the entire site if we go to a new paragraph. Most web pages have that annoying feature that if you give click elsewhere on the page, says in some category or perhaps in another article again, the page starts loading again. In does not happen and I think this, in part, has led to success and has become the best email service so far.

We are about to say goodbye to Spam: We all know how annoying it is spam and that gives us absolutely nothing but take up space on our tray. With gmail, we will have to battle against this junk mail. The service unlike the other, much improved in this respect. With a fully detailed filtering, mail gmail has achieved almost eradicate the problem of spam. Although still is struggling against it, you could say that the era of peace has come, because no longer feel this discomfort.

The advanced search and post real-time conversations: This other charm in another benefit is that in my humble opinion, defines the service as the best of all. Gmail has a search bar that allows us to find any conversation or email by just typing a few words. You could say it is similar to Google search engine with Google Instant enabled. Have you noticed in the google search engine that typing a few words, there are other suggestions, as this is what happens with gmail search. It is really very beneficial.

Integrated Chat: Gmail also has a very interesting chat service. With this option, you can chat with friends, make video calls and make our experience even better within its interface. It’s really interesting this option and later I will be talking a little more in depth on this.

As you can see, I have pointed out just some of the benefits of free email service. Really are many advantages that gmail offers and in another article I will be talking about them.

If after reading the entire article, you’ve motivated create one gmail account, for here I leave a little tutorial so you can become part of this great email service.

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