Login: step by step to procedure

Gmail, also known as the Google mail, is the online mail service offered by Google, which is far better than many other competitors. This service has exceptional features and is totally free of cost, and hence Gmail has more users than any other online mail services. You need to login to Gmail, if you want to use this service for the mailing needs. Apart from mailing, you can use this service for various data sharing and mail management needs. Creating Gmail or Google account is an essential part of using the service.  The sign up process for Google or Gmail account can be done by visiting the official website of Gmail and we explain in this article  the process to do it. You need to provide certain information to the Google to create an account. Once you create the Gmail account, you just need to do the Gmail login process to begin using the account for the various mailing requirements. Once you have signed into Gmail, you will automatically get signed in to Google account.

gmail login

Gmail login process will enable you to get the mailing service which has features such as spam filtering, ability to view the email conversations on specific topic, voice and video, chat and more (click here to know the product of Google).

Any person with a Google account can use the mailing service by completing the simple Gmail log in process. Some people who are new to the web world may have some problems in login process. Here is the process to be done to login to your Gmail account.

  • First, you need to reach the website in your browser or click this link directly.
  • Click the “login” option.
  • The  login interface  will be present on the screen.
  • You can now login using your Gmail account.
  • In the interface, enter your account email ID and password in the respective areas provided.
  • Click on the “sign in” option to get logged into the account.

It is important that the entered username and password in the interface gets matched, according to the information you have given during SignUp process. If the username and password doesn’t match the entry to your account will be denied by Google. When you create the account for Gmail for the first time, you will be able to reach the account without the Gmail login process.

gmail sign in

Sometimes, when the user is trying to login to the Gmail, they may experience problems or have errors. Entering the wrong password or email address as well as misspelling can cause you to get an error message. Try re-entering the password and username with caution, once you receive the error message during login. If you have forgotten your password, you request for a new password from the Google service. If you want any assistance while login, click on the “Need help option present below the “Sign In” area and follow the instructions to successfully login to your account.  Once you get the Gmail app downloaded to your Smartphone or tablet and then login to Gmail, you will be able to view the e-mails using tablet or Smartphone. It is necessary that you have an internet connection to send the mails.

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