Gmail Sign Up – How To Create Account Gmail?

Google mail or the popular Gmail is a free web based email service offered by Google where you get the option of storing your emails on the internet rather than your computer. It is a very flexible option to stay connected with friends, relatives, well wishers, colleagues, business contacts all over the world through the internet and share files, documents, video links and so on. If you have a Gmail account, then you can access your emails from any computer that has internet access. The following is the guide that will help you to know in depth about Gmail sign up process and how to create a Gmail account.

gmail sign up

Creating a Gmail Account

  • You should first open the Gmail website Once you enter the Gmail website, click on “Create an Account” option seen just below the login box.
  • You will be taken to account creation page, where you will be able to create a Google account to use for all Google products and services offered.
  • In the username field box, type the username that you will like to use for your Gmail account, followed by the password that you would like to use for Gmail login in the password field box.
  • Next, you need to re-type the password that you have entered once again in the ‘confirm your password’ field.
  •  Once done, the next step is to fill out the required personal information to get a new Gmail account. You will be asked to enter your first name, last name, your birthday for verification of age), your gender, your phone number (to provide access if you lose your account) and a verification or secondary email address.
  • You will also need to enter the country code where you reside it in the phone number option. It is recommended that you give your mobile phone number in the phone field and Google will send you a text to this number when you lose access to your Gmail account.
  • Next, is to type the correct CAPTCHA code provided on the page in the respective field box without any errors. This is done to ensure that a real person is creating an account. You always have the option of refreshing the CAPTCHA code, if you are not able to read the code properly, or you can click the speaker button to get it read loud on your computer speakers.
  • Finally, click on the ‘I agree to Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy’ box and then the next step option.

  •  Now, you will be taken to the Create profile page. If you want to add your photo, then click on the Add Profile Photo option, find the photo on your computer and add. Then click the ‘next step’ option. If you do not want to add your photo, then you bypass the photo addition and just click Next Step option to complete the setting up of your Gmail account.
  • Now, go to your inbox and get started to compose your new mail.

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