Hotmail sign in

One of the greatest benefits of having an email account is that you get to communicate with friends and families that are far from you. Hotmail is one of the most popular web-based email providers. The Microsoft powered email service provider offers you great opportunity to keep in touch with people. You will however have to sign in to your Hotmail account before you can start using it. The process of signing in to Hotmail is easy and fast.

hotmail sign in

  • Go to; this is the official website of the email service provider. Once you open the website you will be directed to the sites home page.
  • Enter email address; you will have to enter you email address you used when signing up for the account
  • Enter your password; here you enter the password you use. The probability of forgetting a password is usually very high. So in an event where you will have forgotten your password you may go to the ‘can’t access my account’ tab, you will be prompted to enter the email address you used when you signed up for the account. You will receive an email from Microsoft with your new log in details. You can then use the details to sign in and change the password to a more convenient one.
  • Log in; after you enter your details you click log in. This will take you to your account home page.

In the recent past there have been rising cases of hackers who access your email accounts and retrieve personal information. Many people have looked for ways to solve the issue but to no avail. It is because of this reason that Microsoft introduced the 2 step verification process that allows you to add extra protection to your account. Whenever you sign in to Hotmail you will need to use your normal log in details and an extra security code. When you to turn on the 2-step verification, you will always receive an extra page prompting you to enter the security code especially if you are using a shared computer. It is easy to start using the 2 step verification:

  • Sign in to your Hotmail account; you will be prompted to enter a security code that is usually sent to your alternative email. Enter that and then sign in.
  • Go to the password and security info, and click on edit security info
  • You will receive wide range of results, click on the 2 step verification and tap the setup 2 step verification.
  • Click next
  • Follow the instructions given

Hotmail And Live Come Together

Today Windows Live Hotmail and Live mail service are not separate entities. The transformation of Hotmail into Live is completed though you can still access them in different ways. Whether you are accessing the Live mail website or the MSN Hotmail website, you will be led to the same account. There is emphasis of using a single set of login credentials for accessing the different Microsoft accounts.

Live Mail Features

The new Live mail or Hotmail service offers several benefits and features for the users:

  • The storage space for users has been increased to 5 gigabytes which amounts to storing two or three two hour movies or about a thousand mp3 files
  • The mail account has been given new layouts which the users can choose from
  • There are different toolbars and colors that you can play around with
  • Long term users can stick to the classic look of the mail account if they are comfortable with it
  • Views can be switched and advanced features easily accessed
  • Setup is similar to Microsoft outlook

More Benefits Added

If you thought that is all you are getting in the Live mail service, then you need to note the following:

  • The reading panes allow the emails to be viewed quickly
  • You can use image blockers to guard against spam mails
  • The drag and drop options help you organize the mails quickly
  • The right click function allows you to manage folders as well as quick reply, print or delete mails
  • The address is completed automatically, upon the user typing in the first initial letters of an email address already stored in the system
  • The mail service is easily accessible on web enabled smartphones and tablets

Enhanced Security

Security features have been enhanced as well. There are color icons used to designate suspicious mails. Junk mail can be wiped out with a single click. The spyware and antivirus features keep your mail account safe and secure.

If you are confused about the Live mail introduced by MSN recently and how it relates to Hotmail and Outlook Express, you are not alone. There are many who are confused about these mail services and whether they are different or mean the same thing. Indeed, the fact that they all belong to MSN makes it even more confusing. Here are some basic explanations in order to keep such confusions at bay.

About Hotmail

Hotmail is the free web based mail service that was introduced to the world at the end of the nineties. It was later taken up by Microsoft and hence it became part of the MSN offerings. MSN Hotmail offers the same feature as the previous Hotmail with several upgrades and new functions. Today it has been transformed into Windows Live Hotmail. While Hotmail existed separately for some time, today the transformation and merger is complete. The exiting users of Hotmail services have been moved to this new platform with their inbox and other features remaining the same and added functionalities being available to them automatically at no extra cost or action.

What Outlook Was All About

Outlook Express on the other hand, has been the mail program that has come along with the Window operating system that Microsoft produces. Every version of Windows has its Outlook Express versions. Before, when MSN provided ISP services, Outlook acted as the mail server for the users. Today the web based mail program called Windows Live is all set to replace the Outlook Express. Today many users might still be using Outlook Express and getting their web emails over to this mail client platform. Going forward the Outlook Express mail program will be discontinued.

About Windows Live

Finally, the Windows Live is a mail program that is still in its beta mode. It will replace all the existing mail services that are provided by MSN. Thus, if you are using Outlook, you will move onto Windows Live eventually. It will sport more features and conveniences and will work on Windows Vista and XP.

Changes Predicted

The Windows Live mail service is available for download and it will help you integrate your Hotmail account as well. Thus, Live Mail of MSN will soon be the only mail service that will bring all the different mail subscribers under one comprehensive platform and will be a web based free service for everyone.

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