Hotmail vs Outlook

There are many benefits that come with using the internet; one of those great benefits is the ability to communicate with your friends and family through email. There are many email service providers out there in the market, Hotmail being one of the leading service providers in the world. Hotmail is an email service that is owned by Microsoft. Hotmail was officially launched in 1996 by Bhatia and Smith but was later bought by Microsoft in 1997.

Since then the email provider has managed to stay on top of their competitors boasting of approximately 324 million users. However, in the recent past Hotmail has been experiencing some serious competition from its competitors especially the Google powered email service Gmail. It is for this reason that Microsoft decided to rebrand the site to a more convenient service provider, hence was launched.

outlook vs hotmail

Many people tend to confuse the two but Microsoft only rebranded the site and introduced some new features that make easy to use. There are many similarities and also differences between the two sites and so it is important that you get to know the features that both of them have.

Rebranding Hotmail to is one of the best decisions that Microsoft has ever done since they took charge of the service provider. This is because the name outlook is mostly familiar with the corporates who use Microsoft applications which makes the site more convenient for business.

The new look of is captivating because the site is uncluttered and it gives you an opportunity to read advertisement that appear when you open your email account.  The new service provider is an improvement of Hotmail no doubt, with great features that link your email account to your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. This allows you to communicate and share information with your friends on social media.

Another great feature that has over Hotmail is that integrates your contacts on Facebook or LinkedIn into its address book which makes it easier for you to access your contacts easily. You can also get to view the photos attached in an email in a slide show without downloading the photos, something you couldn’t be able to do with Hotmail.

When using you will not have any limit to the size of the document you want to attach. This is because the site uses the SkyDrive which is a Microsoft cloud storage service that has no limit to the size of a document. The Email service provider, gives you the ability to view, edit an also share documents without downloading the document. This is an improvement from the old version where one needed to download a document so as to edit the document. The SkyDrive offers you an opportunity to have multiple people editing the same document. All you will have to do is open the document and you will be able to see the number of people that have read the document and the correction they have made.

According to reports, most of the emails that people receive daily are newsletters, social updates, offers, daily deals and many more. These reports made Microsoft add a feature that collects all the mass messages and puts them in a separate folder. You also have the ability to customize the information to appear the way you want to. has a feature that allows users to have video chats on Skype with their friends even when they don’t have a Skype installed on their PC. One thing that is great with is that it uses fewer pixels and it displays more emails than Hotmail.

One thing that you need to know is that if you are still using the email, you can upgrade to without your personal details being lost. Recently, Microsoft upgraded Hotmail users to Due to the transition from to, you cannot go back to Hotmail once you change your account to has been developed for the latest operating systems. The supported operating systems include windows 8, windows 7, Windows vista and Windows XP, Mac OS. For the best service it is advisable for you if you would upgrade to the latest version.

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