How to Register on the Gmail mail

Hello friends! In this new article will teach you how to register with gmail. Share with you my experience of how I decided to log into Gmail and what were the steps I took to create me a new account, in addition to reading a little about the great benefits of this platform free email called Gmail.

google mail

A few weeks ago I was a faithful follower of platform, which now became I liked your Hotmail interface clean and comfortable, but that was because I still did not know gmail. A friend told me that gmail is having more market acceptance for its great functions and features, and I give a little idea of ​​testing. I decided to create a new account, but did not know how to do and asks me How do I sign in gmail? So I did some research on and reach the official site to find Note a site friendly and inspired confidence, super cool. So I decided to create a new account.

Being on page must go to the upper right corner and click on the “Create New Account”. Then load a new page containing a simple form and should begin to fill it. The data were asking me my personal details like name, user name, which in this case would be the name of the email. Example;, password, country, gender, birth date, mobile phone or existing email address and finally accept the terms and conditions of use and then finish by clicking “next step”. By doing this, a new page is loaded and I had to keep a small tutorial for creating the account and at the end, gmail community welcomed me with a message saying that I was made ​​to create a completely new free account and could begin to enjoy its great benefits.

I like the interface over Hotmail, everything was faster, more options, more features and best of all, could organize myself better than Hotmail. Although Outlook also has very good things to be explained shortly.

Gmail es propiedad de la famosa compañía Google, algo que yo no sabía hasta una pequeña investigación sobre cómo ingresar a Gmail desde mi teléfono. Ahora me siento más cómodo, porque puedo acceder a mi cuenta de gmail desde mi teléfono y no tengo ninguna complicación.

By implementing Google Drive on your Gmail account, I found something interesting and amazing also.

I really feel satisfied and happy for having created a new account on gmail and now I dedicate explore all its interface and still enjoy its great benefits.

If you do not have a new account at gmail, follow the steps that I showed in this article and then tell me your experience, I assure you will not regret.

This is the official link to create a new account on gmail:

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