Learn a little about gmail email and learn to sign in login

Gmail.com since its inception has been widely accepted by the users of the network and therefore has had to make many changes to its interface, all to meet the needs of users and improve their experiences. In this article I teach new record in gmail, but first let’s talk about some improvements that have taken place in recent years with the Gmail service.


Display density

This option lets you choose from three viewing options our inbox or whole gmail interface, with: comfortable, cozy or compact.

Totally clean interface

The other thing that has come polished gmail is its interface. Now it looks cleaner and gives us a nice feeling to navigate it. Projecting the white and colored details and letters define the interface could be better, unlike other email services.

Fully interactive chat

With the interactive chat gmail, talk in a hotel is very comfortable with our friends. We also have the ability to make calls, video calls, add contacts to existing chat room and a wide range of emoticons to make our chat more fun and sociable.

To more information: https://hangouts.google.com/

Interface that fits any size of our window

The new gmail interface comfortably fits any size window or tab of your browser. This makes it more comfortable and not have to be dragging the scroll bar.

Themes for every taste or occasion                    

Gmail.com has an option to change the theme of your interface for every occasion or taste of the users. Although this option is only for fun, but many people believe that changing the subject, I felt a little more relaxed, because if you do not know, wear the same thing over and over tired and this option is still very useful on these occasions.

Now that you saw some of the features gmail.com, teach them how to start session in this free email service login.

Gmail Login

In gmail log in is easy. All you have to do is go to the gmail home page where we find the Logon box and just have to enter our mail and password.

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